Happy Birthday Gracie!!!


Today is Gracie’s birthday. Mom got a cake. Gracie is the old grey dog. She is mostly deaf…and mostly blind. But very happy. Everyone loves her very much. She spent her day doing her favorite things…mostly napping. Mom says when she was younger she was a hunting dog. Now she is retired. She also loves to play ball. But that’s not so easy anymore.. She is great at napping. She moves from her bed, to her favorite chair, to mom’s bed, and then back to her bed. Sometimes I sleep under her bed. (It’s very warm and dark..and Gracie doesn’t seem to mind.)


Happy Birthday Gracie!! We all love you!!!

Snowy Super Bowl Sunday..

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It Snowed!! Not a lot..but enough! I hear it’s pretty..but I’m obviously not interested in finding out. I will leave that to the dogs. Mom likes the snow without footprints- but they couldn’t help themselves. They get so excited.. Dogs are always excited about something.. Cats and turtles- not so much.

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So the puppies are growing! All they seem to do is eat and sleep.. Mom has named everybody. She decided on president names… Mom loves presidents. She always reads books about them. I sometimes find them under the bed.. Lots of stuff ends up under the bed.

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So we now have 11 presidentially inspired puppy names. Dubya,Taft, Abe, Lady Bird, Harry, Rosie, Grover, Reagan, Taylor, Jackie O, and Bess. I wonder if Todd is a president name? (I bet it is….) I can’t tell them apart. But I think mom can. I do know Taft is the biggest and Rosie is the smallest. But we aren’t allowed to pick favorites.

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I enjoyed a warm shower and some yummy strawberries today.. Strawberries are definitely one of my favorites!

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The kids are gone this weekend to their dad’s house…where ever that is. The house is very quiet without them. The yellow dog especially misses them. He lays by the door waiting for them to come home. I think mom misses them too..

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Today is the Super Bowl…but since I don’t like soup I will just take a nap instead.

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Sleepy Sunday….

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Today was a sleepy..sleepy day.. It is rainy and dreary.. and that makes for near perfect nap conditions. Even I have to admit- the puppies are pretty cute when they are napping. They seem to dream a lot. I wonder what you have to dream about when you are a 4 day old puppy? I think eating.. They seem to spend an enormous amount of time eating. Mom says they are ‘Super Cute’. So are turtles.

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I decided to relax a little outside of my closet. The sitting room is always empty.. I think because there is no TV. It’s pretty quiet around here. Even mom seems tired. She seems into her Netflix today. She does something called ‘binge watching’ sometimes.. I’m not sure what that means- but it makes her happy. And when she is happy- I am happy!

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And the teenagers are napping. Napping is something they love to do! They wake up about dinner time. That’s when they have plenty of energy. It’s when they are starving- and when they remember all the things they should have done today but forgot (like homework..)  Then they can’t sleep at bedtime. Which means they are tired in the morning. It’s seems to be a vicious cycle they can’t break. Interesting..

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Yep..Sleepy sleepy Sunday..

Laundry laundry laundry….

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Laundry laundry laundry….Poor Mom. It’s the weekend and we are all relaxing- except mom. She is doing laundry..and dishes..and taking care of us all. That’s apparently what mom’s do in their free time. Kid’s-not so much. They seem to avoid laundry.  I love laundry. It’s the perfect place to hide! The puppies and people have made lots of laundry for me to hide in this week. I’ve noticed that no one but mom seems to do laundry. Interesting…

The puppies are still getting lots of attention. And they are still sharing my closet…sigh. I’m not sure what the big deal is. Everyone knows turtles are way cuter.


Even though it was a beautiful day- one of the cats snuck in to take a nap on his favorite chair…he looked so peaceful- until mom found him. Ha! Outside he went!

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And since it is Saturday- the hedgehogs got out for a snack and play time. Hedgie’s are pretty interesting! Their spikes are almost as awesome as my shell. Almost. They like to have snacks and sniff around and stuff. Cute. But again…everyone knows turtles are cuter.

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I love Saturday’s!

My current situation…

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My name is Todd the Turtle…I live with my interesting.. but often irritating.. and usually noisy family!

We have a mom. A couple teenage boys and a preteen girl. Dogs.. Cats.. Hedgehogs.. Hermit Crabs.. Fish and Turtles of course! I am a house turtle. And sometimes they call me a box turtle..I think because I love my box. Just between you and me..I’m mom’s favorite. I mostly do what I want. I enjoy daily showers and banana’s are my current favorite treat. I keep to myself. Or at least I try to..

Yesterday the dog, the black one that sometimes licks me and steals my hotdogs, had puppies. 11 of them! This has caused quite the commotion around here. And to make it more exciting for me… they are currently being housed in the big closet. My closet. The one with my box.

So…If you can’t beat them..


I don’t think anyone will notice..